1. Favorite times at Mug Cafè!


  2. I lost my invisalign…

    And the cafe carefully picked through all the garbage looking for it… I feel so bad, we didn’t find them. Oh well, all I know is that this cafe is the best, and I’ll miss them all so much.


  3. It’s almost the end…

    I have one more blog post due next week, but I thought I’d tackle a difficult post this week so that I can rejoice in my favorite moments in Florence before I leave next Friday.

    Studying abroad in Florence has been one of the best times of my life, and I know it will be for many many years to come. I’ve tried new foods and drinks, learned to live without a connection to the internet every minute of the day, and I feel like I’ve gained more knowledge about myself and how I work.

    When I first arrived in Florence on the 26th of January, I was so scared and nervous that I wouldn’t fit in with everyone else on the trip, all I knew for sure was that I had Kaitlin with me. I’m so happy that we were able to go through this experience together, and I know that we both learned a lot about each other and shared experiences we will never forget. Kaitlin and Devin, our new roomies, were also friends before coming on this trip, and I think that is why we all got along so well. Although Kaitlin and I have different ideas of fun from Kaitlin and Devin, I feel like we still have so much fun when we’re together. I couldn’t have asked for better friends on this trip.

    I also met 3 amazing new people, Lily, Megan, and Rachel, whom I absolutely adore. Kaitlin introduced them to me, and since then, the five of us have been hanging out whenever we can, whether that be having late night deep conversations or laughing along to silly movies. Along with my new friends, we found a new home for our studying, and new acquaintances with the people who work at MUG, our favorite cafe. Dealing with our love for flavored coffee and hamburgers, they have created a warm and kind place where we can go to study or have fun. I’ve met lots of fantastic people other than the couple I’ve mentioned on this trip too, people I would love to keep in contact with and reminisce with over a cappuccino and a croissant.

    Leaving Florence will be difficult, I’ve grown to love the feeling of having a home away from home. The giant and impossible to maneuver around groups of tourists, the umbrella salesmen, and the men that stand outside restaurants shouting at you to come in, all things I hate hate and will not miss when I’m back in California, in no way outnumber the great times I had here. I’ll save my favorite moments for my next post.

    Dealing with jet lag, homesickness, getting physically sick, and sadness during this trip all made me stronger as a person. I’m so glad to get back to my family, friends, job, and school back at home, but I know I will not be the same person they saw leave, and I’m so glad of that. I’ve changed for the better, and I’m proud! >:D

    Now, I’ll end my post there, please excuse the length, I had so much to say.

  4. Some photos from the Vasari Corridor tour this morning, it was amazing, and I saw lots of cool artwork I wish was displayed publicly. It was such a beautiful morning! And below are some photos of a part of the Jackson Pollock exhibit that’s currently in San Firenze! :)

  5. I went to a part of the Jackson Pollock exhibit that was in San Firenze. I thought this room was really cool, and had a fun time standing in the lights. :)

  6. Coming back from Cinque Terre was a very sad moment, maybe the saddest moment, of our lives. It so so sunny, comfortable, fun, and relaxing, I want to travel back in five years and just spend a nice long time there. We stayed at a cute little B&B in Vernazza called Pensione Sorriso for one night, and it was wonderful. It was a couple steps away from the train station, and had some lovely people running it. It did have a shared restroom, but it was very clean, and they had delicious cappuccinos in the morning. We had a great experience, would love to stay there again if we get the chance to go back to Cinque Terre in a couple years.

    We sat on the beach for a long time, enjoying the sound of the ocean and the crystal waters. We climbed some rocks, ate delicious pesto pizza and chocolate croissants and walked around. It was such an amazing weekend trip, I never wanted to leave, but alas. It was time to head back to Florence and write my final papers… Film 5+ pages, Theatre 8+ pages, Political Theory 3+ pages. -sigh- I will get them done somehow! But tomorrow is the flea market… no way I’m missing the last flea market I can go to in Italy! Ciao amici. xo

  7. faryonder:

    Study Abroad. A Summery.

    My bootiful roomie

  9. So, here’s my silly last minute contribution to the photo contest for my study abroad program!

    So, the first photo is of me in front of a famous historical site in Florence… technically. I bent the rules a bit here, but I’m at the free water dispensing station in Piazza Signoria. Super cool, because you can just refill your bottles with either fizzy water or still water! Everyone I know visits this station pretty often, but a lot of people don’t really know it exists!

    My second photo is of a street in Florence, Borgo Santa Croce, which is the home to my favorite cafe, MUG. My roomie and I visit it almost every day after classes It’s our favorite place to go because they have flavored caffelattes and yummy muffins. I’ve posted about their burgers before (heaveennnnnn) and they are like home, amazing.

    ANYWAY, here are my photos! :)

  10. travellinglemons:

    Calcio game Fiorentina vs. Milan! Florence lost… :’(